I'm definitely not a professional artist, not even a dedicated hobbyist, really, so the quality on these drawings vary wildly. There's probably everything from "frankly pants" to "pants in spots" to, hopefully, "not bad". When I started putting these together, I hadn't picked up a pencil and sketched anything in ages and my experience with Photoshop-like programs, various physical media and drawing tablets was basically zero. I kind of like seeing how things have progressed, though, so even the frankly pants stuff has stuck around. It's all pretty much organized by series and character, and within that, in order of creation. So, to be honest, something frankly pants might be right next to something not bad.

Viktor Krum - Harry Potter Series

Contemplating Something Deep Thumb
After That Snitch Thumb
A Suspicious Look Thumb
Quidditch Poster Thumb
Uniformed Boy And His Broom Thumb
Caricature Couple Thumb
Cowboy Viktor Thumb
My Love Thumb
Foggy Night Thumb
Virtual Pencil Sketch Thumb
Aftermath Thuumb
Pirates Of Black Lake Thuumb
Held Dear Thumb
Viktor In Snow Thumb
Wedding Portrait Thumb
End Of The Switch Thumb
Made Just For You Thumb
Calendar Boy Thumb
Duel Thumb
Bellbottom Viktor Thumb
Bellbottoms Thumb
Night Swimming Thumb
The Boys Thumb
Perched Thumb
Bashful Viktor Thumb
Unexpected Meeting Thumb
Hooded Viktor Thumb
Real Men Play Quidditch Thumb
Cold Waters Thumb
Admiration Thumb
Before The Fire Thumb
Yule Ball Thumb

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Series

Keeping Warm Thumb
Bad Bunnies Thumb
In The Orchard Thumb
Hermione In A Beaded Robe Thumb
Cartoon Hermione Thumb
My Love Thumb
Cartoon Couple Thumb
Caricature Couplee Thumb
Hermione Cradling Her Belly Thumb
Foggy Night Thumb
Aftermath Thumb
Pirates Of Black Lake Thumb
Held Dear Thumb
Bewitched Hermione Thumb
Regarding Hermione Thumb
What To Expect Thumb
Pregnant Sleeping Hermione Thumb
Wedding Portrait Thumb
Made Just For You Thumb
End Of The Switch Thumb
Time Flies Hermione Thumb
Hermione Blows A Kiss Thumb
Bellbottom Hermione Thumb
Bellbottoms Thumb
An Unexpected Meeting Thumb
Calculating Hermione Thumb
Before The Fire Thumb
Yule Ball Thumb

Ginny Weasley - Harry Potter Series

Ginny Older Teens Model Thumb
Hooded Ginny Thumb
Bewitched Ginny Thumb
Weasley Jumper Ginny Thumb
Buttercup Ginny Thumb

Other Characters - Harry Potter Series

Come Hither Fleur Thumb
Fleur Staredown Thumb
Elegant Rita Skeeter Thumb
Bewitching Bella Thumb
Tonks Thumb
Laurel Pose 1 Thumb
Laurel Pose 2 Thumb
Neville Thumb
Ekaterina Thumb
The Boys Thumb
The Boys Thumb
Admiration Thumb
Magda Thumb
Baby Harry Pencil Thumb
Baby Harry Color Thumb
Baby Harry Markers Thumb
AnimeTonks Thumb
Sorting Hat Thumb
Skeeter Beetle Pencil Thumb
Skeeter Beetle Computer Color Thumb
HagridSketch-Pencil Thumb
HagridSketch-Computer Color Thumb
Hagrid Hand Color Thumb
Winky Sketch Hand Inked Thumb
Winky Sketch Pencil Thumb
Winky Sketch Hand Colored Thumb

Guest Gallery

Hermyowndd Thumb
TMWLT-santos Thumb
Viktor Sketch By Tanya Thumb

Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin) - Discworld Series

Sybil Full Length Lineart Thumb
Sybil Sketch Color Bust
Sybil Sketch Color Full Length
Maison En Flambe
Sybil Holds Newborn Sam

Other Discworld Denizens - Discworld Series

The Luggage Pencil Sketch
The Luggage Color
The Luggage Hand Inked
Rincewind Hand Inked
Rincewind Pencil Sketch Shaded
Twoflower Hand Color
Twoflower Pencil Sketch
Esk Pencil Sketch
Esk Color
The Librarian
Death Computer Color
Death Computer Lineart
Maison En Flambe
Sybil Holds Newborn Sam
Doctor Lawn Computer Color
Rincewind Amigurumi
Twoflower Amigurumi